The Power of Connection in a Disconnected World

A few hours out of Yellowstone National Park we sped by the unassuming dirt road the first time. It looked like it was rarely travelled, and couldn’t possibly lead to where we were headed. We made a U-turn and began the bumpy ascent. The unsuspecting road turned to a snaking, narrow path that had us dodging pot holes every second, and scraping quite a few. Back and forth, it kept us climbing to the top where the shear wind threatened to pluck us off the mountain. We decided it safest to scale back down a bit to a level area protected by huge boulders. Some boulders bigger than the car and others small enough for a seat. Parking, the exhaust of planning and trying to make sure we saw Old Faithful, Boiling Springs, Rainbow Prism Pool and many others that day had caught up to me. The tears came rolling and were dried quickly, I’m forever thankful that Jake is an expert at quickly soaking them up. We took deep breaths and stepped out of the car. We faced the opening of the mountain. Flat land, a few rolling mountains of boulders and nestled just below, the small town of Cody, Wyoming. Which we had a clear view of the whole lot. It consisted of a Walmart we had to stop by earlier for an h2o fix, a deep bright red canyon cut across diagonally, a surprisingly loud rodeo. and a road straight through. Our binoculars aloud us to watch the broncos to buck and we caught a glimpse of what this town must do for entertainment on a Friday night at sunset. And oh the sunset… she spoke in bright blues, deep indigos, sweet baby pink turning from mango to sea-foam. Not particularly stunning but one I’ll hold in my heart forever. Breaking out the stove we tried to keep it lit to warm the soup. After we filled our bellies with lukewarm stew we quickly packed up dinner and began exploring the boulders. Hopping like leap frogs from one to another we found the perfect spot and there we held each other. Swirls blew around us and it seemed to hold us a little closer together. The warmth of the setting sun, effortlessly kept us from catching a chill. The wild beauty of time stopping filled me with so much love. Everything had come together to make me want to live in this moment. I wrote the day after in my journal, “Looking at him in the setting sun and the wind blazing, I could live for a thousand years in that moment.” and I really could have.

The main attraction was Yellowstone that day but on the other side the most special event was in a small town where nothing extraordinary seems to go on. A place where no expectations had been held. Whenever I think of my happiest moments, they are my moments of pure connection. The spontaneous moments I don’t expect. At that moment I’m connected to the people around me, to myself, the energy rippling through the air, connected to how the space feels, held by nature, everything feels exactly as it’s supposed to. I’m so connected to my center, that place of pure neutrality. When I feel like I could stay in that moment forever and everything would be alright. Because I have no ideas, thoughts, emotions rippling through my head, my whole being just feels filled with love. These moments seem so fleeting. Like you can only catch a glimpse of them and somehow they end because that sun sets and you have to get settled inside for the night.

And almost a year later, on a whole new journey, it’s a craving for connection that begs me to start this sharing process. The ways we can connect to ourselves, each other, places, cultures, ways of life, traditions, ancient wisdom. There is something so beautiful, special, fragrant, alive, exquisite about the unique, creative ways of sharing with our community. Our ancestors lived from these places of neutrality, living from moment to moment. I want to dig my roots deeper, into all the passions, richness, possibilities to create, to live, to have these moments of pure connection, always. In all that I share I’m going to write however I am truly feeling in that moment because I feel like so often we get fixed on fitting the perfect ideal and image we have of ourselves. We have expectations of what’s to come and the feelings we are going to experience and in that we loose that creative spontaneous passion for life that we so crave on the daily but seems impossible to achieve. We can do that, I believe we can reach that ideal place by rewilding our souls. To our ancient ancestral wisdom and connection. CONNECTION is so BIG!!!!! I want to always be true to myself and speak my truth however it is in this moment, I used to be so afraid of sharing because I knew that moment was so fleeting and I might not feel that way soon after. But that’s all part of the learning process, the ebs and flows. I just want to share my story so we can connect and relate and I can have a record of this connection. 

I bet we could get curious and find out these answers for ourselves through networks of knowledge How our ancestors used to learn, through each other. For such a wide variety of topics I can’t believe we have access to all this knowledge and we can find the answers if we just start having these conversations. With room for love and acceptance, without fear of being judged. That’s what I want to create in this space. We can also network this through our ancestral lineage to heal ancient traumas and reparent ourselves and pass it on so our kids don’t have to. We can evolve as a collective conscious. I think it would be a happier world if we could all find these moments of pure connection more often, everyday. Because they let us know everything will be okay, they let us know that this is what life is worth living for. This moment. This moment is the most important thing ever, right now. 

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